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Thrive Soul Care for Pastor Spouses

McQueeney, TX


Last August, Monica hosted her first Soul Care retreat for pastor spouses. Several of her ladies had significant food allergies and needs and so I jumped in and cooked all their meals so that they could safely have meals that supported them as they got quiet with God and came together in community.  On June 17-19 Monica will be hosting her 2nd Soul Care retreat in McQueeny and I've been helping her meal plan and prep.... but on the actual dates of the event I will be up in Minnesota meeting my new granddaughter. So I NEED HELP!! Would you be willing to work with me to provide safe and nourishing meals by picking up a meal slot. Monica has a really nice budget so we can spoil the ladies, we just need to keep our receipts and only have Thrive items on the receipt (no personal items). I've come up with the meals I would make if it were me and can share the recipes or if you have specialty and it's allergy friendly we can make swaps. And you can prepare the meal at your home and transport it to McQueeny or make it at the home where they are staying, they have a lovely kitchen. 

Special Notes

Monica is still working on final numbers ... it will be around 6-7 people I believe... and once we have the numbers we will know if we will have any significant allergies to work around.  The address for the home is 418 Riverview Rd, McQueeny 78123 

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