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Nourish the Loxterman family with love


The Loxterman’s son, Casen tested positive for Covid last week. James, Phoenix and Katie all tested positive for covid yesterday after a rough 24 hours at home. Casen is doing much better. Phoenix has mild symptoms so far, and James and Katie are taking turns sleeping/taking care of the kids. Gracie and Aubrey are symptom free so far and will be getting tested tomorrow. They will be quarantined in the house for the next 10 days. They have 4 little ones at home and a new addition is on the way. Their energy should be focused on healing and taking care of their family. You can help by contributing through here please, if you have any issues or please contact Liz Marie (Facebook) or contact me through here.

Special Notes

If you would like to make a delivery or drop off, please contact Liz for the address as it will not be posted publicly.

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