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Acts of Kindness for Erin and Quiller Caudill


Hello dear friends, As you know, our parents, Erin and Quiller, recently had COVID and are now recovering at home. They are both “out of the woods” so to speak but the virus took a toll on their bodies and it has been an emotional ordeal as well. Neither one of them are tolerating the heat and humidity very well and our dad fatigues very quickly. Since we’re still battling the August heat, this makes it challenging for them to go out and about much and they’re starting to feel isolated and bored. They are blessed to have each other, Heide and a beautiful home but they are missing their normal routines and activities. A dear friend of mine recommending banding together with friends and family to lift their spirits. That’s where this page comes in. We’d love for you all to stop by, call or send cards/messages as you’re able. Ideas include (but feel free to get creative): snacks, flowers, new movie recommendation, coffee. Quiller: coffee, snickers (really any chocolate!), candy, cookies, cheetos, peanut brittle Erin: cinnamon snacks, black licorice, caramel, tea, good and plenty, popcorn Thank you in advance for any love and prayers you send their way!

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Erin and Quiller Caudill 12620 SW Gray Fawn Dr Roca, NE 68430

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