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Compassion for Delanie

Long Beach, CA


Since 2020, COVID has affected many of us in different ways through loss, heartbreak, immense struggle and the challenge of finding some form of a new normal. For our sister Delanie, struggle and navigating a broken healthcare system has been all too familiar. Delanie’s kind disposition and heart of gold has been a blessing to so many around her, especially while she served as a hospice caregiver to help those in their greatest time of need and often final moments. After being injured while at work in 2018, which later resulted in multiple knee surgeries due to complications; Delanie has been unable to work. Over the course of the next few years, Delanie’s health took a turn for the worst. Multiple doctor visits, tests, and painful diagnostics all eventually lead to the diagnosis of a rare autoimmune condition known as Cushing’s Disease. In March 2021, Delanie made the difficult decision to undergo extensive surgery to remove one of her adrenal glands to prevent future complications and decline of her health. Adrenal glands help us manage our day to day functions, many of which we can take for granted; regulating everything from our metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other essential functions. Post-op has been anything but a walk in the park for Delanie. With frequent follow-up visits to manage GI complications, discovery of tumors on both her pancreas and liver on top of trying to find a ‘new normal.’ As a result of this uphill battle, Delanie has continued to persevere despite exhausting all of her savings, workmans compensation, unemployment, disability, and COVID grant relief programs for Rent payments. Let’s show some compassion by helping Delanie have one less thing to worry about with rent, food, cat supplies, medical and travel expenses.

Special Notes

Due to the nature of Delanie’s condition, she has severe gluten allergies. If sending food, please note that the common ingredient of “enriched or bleached wheat flour” found in many products, will cause severe GI upset.

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