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Bias Family Meal Train

Wellington, OH


Tammy has been battling Covid for about 3 weeks now. On 8/26/21 Tammy was admitted into the hospital for oxygen support. On 9/1/21 she was able to come home from the hospital!! Tammy is still on oxygen therapy but she is getting a little stronger each day! She still has a long road of recovery ahead and the love and support from all of us will help get her through. Many have asked how to help the Bias Family during this difficult time. I think these options may relieve the burden a bit for this deserving family of four. If you are unable to leave a meal on the doorstep or groceries, Walmart & Target gift card options are available as well to help the family. The Bias's are in a rural area and a lot of delivery services are unavailable. Please take a look at their zip code 44090 if this is something you are considering. :)

Special Notes

Favorite family meals: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Lasagna Spaghetti & Meatballs Hamburgers Chicken & Rice

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