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Food for J Lew : Assistance for our beloved coworker who was injured

Mount Pleasant, WI


Hi all, I have spoken with Dan Jaeck & Jesse’s wife, Sarah, regarding meals & things Jessie likes. I am hoping starting Monday, August 2nd, 2021 that we can get meals delivered to Jessie Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. This way when Jessie gets home from therapy they don’t have to cook anything. Jessie would like healthy meals. He likes chicken breasts, spaghetti, fish, vegetables...NOTHING with mushrooms. He also was told he has to keep his protein up. He drinks Atkins shakes, cherries, grapes. She also mentioned he likes BBQ and she hasn’t been able to figure out his smoker to make him anything. Luke and I have set up a website to figure out a schedule of who can drop off food what day. Please sign up and let us know if you have any questions. Text Luke (262-672-1191) or I (262-352-7953) for Jessie's address as I don't want to make it public.

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