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Debbie McFadden

Grandy, NC


My mom (Debbie McFadden) was in a four wheeling accident on Friday 9/24 and suffered a trimalleolar fracture to her right ankle. She then fell after that injury and dislocated the same ankle. There are three breaks, dislocation, and possible tendon damage. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow 9/30. She will have to get plates and screws. She will not be able to walk for atleast 4 months, and will not be able to drive for atleast 6. She will have to get extensive physical therapy after. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! She most likely have to get on short term disability, which is not enough to cover her bills. Her paypal is linked below for anyone who wants to help! Also, her venmo is debbie-mcfadden

Special Notes

No spicy foods or mushrooms Unfortunately, where we live there is only one place that delivers which is pizzazz pizza, and we do not have uber eats or anything like that. If you are planning to help with any meals, please text me 4107764508 the place and what time, and i will arrange pickup from there with the help of our friends and neighbors!

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