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May in Singapore

Philadelphia, PA


Hello friends, As you know, I will be returning to Singapore for 3 weeks from Jan 31 to Feb 18. Many of you have been so kind to offer your help while I'm away. I know that Zach has everything under control but it would be a great help and relief to me to know that he and the kids have support from our wonderful community. I've put together the things that we would be grateful for on this calendar. We do not expect to fill it up; these are just options so that we can plan our week out and make appropriate plans. Thank you again for being there for us!

Special Notes

Food: Some of you have offered to send us food, which would really help Zach with meal prep. We're happy to accept your delicious dishes! We have no dietary restrictions. Piano: Simone's piano class is a block away from us. One of us usually goes with her while the other stays home to feed and put Cassie to bed. It's really just to chaperone the lesson!

Care Calendar