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Joy for Joanne

Kings Park, NY


This page has been started to spread joy and offer support to the amazing Buccheri Family. Joanne is currently in the hospital battling the coronavirus over the last few weeks. She has overcome many obstacles and will continue to do so in the upcoming weeks! Many of our neighbors and people in our community have been asking for ways to show their love and support for the family. This page has been created as a way to allow for giftcards to be sent to the family. I've added giftcards for food shopping as well as ones the boys might enjoy. These giftcards can be used at the families digression. Paul and the boys are Joanne’s biggest supporters and this page will be a way to offer ongoing support for them. With school and holidays quickly approaching, reminding this family just how much their community loves them will bring joy to them during this unimaginable time. I know I can speak for the family when I say, thank you all for your ongoing support and generosity. They are an incredible family are sure to appreciate all contributions.

Special Notes

This page has been created with love by neighbors of Paul and Joanne.