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Helping out Ally while she is down

Oakland, CA


The past few years I've been having health issues, I have been diagnosed diabetic, severe migraines, partially disabled on my back, and endometriosis. As of the last two years I have found out that my uterus has been enlarged. And in the past month I've been told that my uterus is growing as if I was pregnant but I'm not. I do have fibroids and their recommendation is to do a full hysterectomy. Due to the size of my uterus they will have to do it like a cesarean. With all my family history and health issues I am a high risk for this surgery. I can either have a blood clot, stroke or die on the table. All my doctors have come to a medium of what they want my A1C level to be. Which I have reached, my surgery day is now scheduled for September 24th. I will be needing to stay in the hospital after surgery for several days to confirm that there are no infections and that I am healing. Once I get released from the hospital I will be heading to my apartment which is up in the third story. Of course as of luck would have it I do not have a elevator so once I'm in my apartment I am there for a good while. Will be needing some type of help with food, cleaning, bathing and caring for my cats. Which makes me a little nervous. I'm not one to really have to rely on anybody. Doctor say I will be out of work for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Which adds an extra stress.

Special Notes

I'm not allergic to anything however due to being diabetic I am on the low carb diet.

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