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Barb’s Road to Recovery

Lino Lakes, MN


On Monday, April 12, Barb fell getting out of the car at Culver’s and broke her hip. She had surgery on Tuesday where they fixed her hip and part of her femur. She spent the week in the trauma center at Mercy hospital after surgery monitoring pain, oxygen levels, and worked worked with OT and PT. The doctor recommended and stated that most patients go from the hospital to transitional care where they receive 3 hours a day therapy and continue to monitor her. She wasn’t thrilled about the thought of not coming home. She asked if she could go home and receive therapy at her home. They told her they would see how she did with the OT on Friday. My mom did great with the OT on Friday, I’m sure she tried her hardest and fought the pain so she could past the test. She gets to come home!  She will have in-home therapy several days per week.  We are so happy!  The doctors stated she has a long road of recovery.   Friends and family have been reaching out wanting to help. A friend gave me the idea of putting together a meal train and told me about the Give In Kind site vs meal train because it works great for those that want to help but don’t live close. Give In Kind site gives the option of gift cards such as Grub Hub, Door Dash, etc.  As you know my mom is always helping others and would never expect help, but I know this will be so appreciated and help her relax and be able to Focus on recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone that has prayed, called, and reached out asking how they can help. It really touched her to see how many people care about her. 

Special Notes

Due to Covid, I will be placing a cooler on their doorstep for those that sign up for meal drop off.  If you wish to send a Grub Hub, Door Dash, or Uber Eats gift card, you can do so by clicking on the Wishlist tab below.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

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