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Love for Paige LaCrosse- MEAL TRAIN

Luxemburg, WI


On Saturday, January 20, 2024, Paige LaCrosse and her 4-year-old son were involved in a traumatic snowmobile accident when a mishap with the throttle caused her to enter into a head-on collision with a large tree. Despite the low speed, the angle of the turn and the sudden burst of speed caused Paige and her son to be thrown from the snowmobile upon impact. When the accident came to a standstill, Paige immediately tried to get up and get to her son to make sure he was ok. She tried twice before she realized she could not stand. Thankfully a couple passing by saw the accident and stopped to help. She was then able to call for emergency services. Both Paige and her son were transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital. Her son miraculously walked away from the accident with minor scratches and bruises. Paige, on the other hand ended up taking the brunt of the impact. In the ER, it was found that she had a broken leg, dislocated knee, and a pressure fracture and transverse process fracture in her back. Paige needed to undergo emergency surgery as the dislocated knee was cutting off the blood flow to her lower leg and foot. She has since then had two more surgeries and will need to undergo a fourth before she will be able to return home to her husband and 5-, 4-, and 1-year-old children. However, the doctors think it will likely be a year until Paige is able to return to work. This page is to support the family with meals. You also can see the link to her gofundme page if you are wishing to help financially.

Special Notes

Please sign up on the care calendar for meals. Note from Paige- First off.. THANK YOU for even considering helping us with meals. We can't even express how much this warms our hearts! The meals/groceries items will help with one less thing to worry about. Kyle will need help with quick meals because I won't be able to help cook for a few weeks. Ideas for my kids because they don't eat normal "meals" (the pickiest kids on the planet): Jif creamy peanut butter Smuckers strawberry Jelly Plain white bread (we get Aldi) Fruit-strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, bananas Kraft Mac n Cheese, boxed or easy mac Aldi shells (yellow box) Roma frozen thin crust Pepperoni pizza Mini corn dogs Aldi chicken nuggets Gerber apple sauce pouches- blueberry and banana is a favorite Graham crackers/Scooby-Doo snacks Poptarts- cinnamon/strawberry Veggie straws Plain lays potato chips Fruit cups- any assortment Yogurt- usually danimals strawberry/birthday cake/cotton candy Aldi frozen pancakes/waffles For Kyle, Bella and I: Lasagna Chili or any soup besides pea Roast Pork chops Stir fry Tacos Spaghetti Cheese ravioli Egg bake We like casseroles of any kind really Hope that helps? Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

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