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Love for Elizabeth meal train while she recovers

South Lyon, MI


Okay friends and family in case you haven’t heard Elizabeth will be having open heart surgery on March 14 !! It all started w/ a yearly physical where her Dr heard a heart murmur. She was diagnosed w/ severe aortic stenosis apparently it was something she was born with , last Monday she had a heart cath where they told her and her husband she had a lot of fluid around her heart, she has been feeling some of the symptoms so I guess this procedure was timed perfectly. I wish I could say she was ready for this but honestly she's absolutely freaking out . Her surgery is March 14 th with 5 days in the hospital with several weeks of recovery. That's where we come in March 20th we are starting a dinner train. You can request days in the calendar of this app and drop times. Let's make this difficult time a little easier on her and her family. Dinner will be for two her and her husband for two weeks till she can get over this huge hump. Thank you so much for all your love and support. Michelle

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