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Kari’s Rebel Alliance of Healing

Falls Church, VA


Welcome, friends and family, to my Rebel Alliance of Healing. You are a part of my care and recovery! Right now, Em and I are doing well and we do not need much. However, I get the desire to help in a material fashion, and I adore all of you for that. So here we go. This is me asking for help. :-)

Special Notes

Right now, what I need most is positivity and knowing my Rebel Alliance is with me (yep, taking my Star Wars jokes entirely too far). I most need positive thoughts, vibes, prayers or good intentions and all of you sending me funny texts and emails. I need funny animal memes. I need your silly stories and texts and emails and Facebook DMs and cheerleading. Beautiful pictures of pets and kids and nature and delicious meals you’ve had. Cookie booths or GS activities?! Pics! I need your text messages for absolutely no reason other than you’re thinking of me and it feeds my emotional need for social interaction I’m not getting much of at the moment. LOL. (202-669-2698) On the calendar of care, schedule a video date with me on Sundays! (Even if we audio only.) Got a great protein or potassium rich recipe you love? Text it to me! Veggie heavy especially! We love our leafy greens and squashes and lentils, so hit us. (Stovetop or air fryer or instant pot direction especially!) We are not vegetarian, so good meat recipes are also so incredible welcome. Want to do something material? Buy us a gift card for Friday night dinners, or Saturday morning coffee. The list? Really want to buy me something physical still? Keep it small. :-) Keep me stocked in books and puzzles. Please call One More Page Books in Arlington, VA. Tell them you are part of Kari’s Rebel Alliance of Healing and tell them you’d like to put $5 or $10 on my “tab.” :-)

Care Calendar