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Support for Forrest/Kim Smith Family After Fire Loss

Eagle river, WI


Early January 18th around 1am Kim awoke to the smell of smoke in the second story of their home. She went downstairs to the fireplace to check on the fire and saw no fire burning. She went back upstairs and asked Forrest about it. He immediately went downstairs to check on the chimney and saw smoke and heard the crackling of fire. He instructed Kim to call 911 and started to wake up their three children under 5 from their beds and get them and the dog safely into the car. By the time everyone was in the car flames had taken over the chimney and roof on the exterior side. Gratefully emergency vehicles made it to the house within 15 minutes. They were able to control the fire within another 15 where the family waited on the road. They stayed in a hotel that night and were able to find long term housing the following afternoon after seeing how severe the damage was to the house. There will be a lot of uncertainty ahead moving forward for the family. The initial report states that there will be little to nothing left to salvage from their home. Thanks to the out pouring of support from the community most of their emergency needs have been met. This page has been created because so many wonderful people have been reaching out to help the family. They feel so much gratitude for the kindness of others and want to be able to give updates on their situation to the community as a whole. As they continue through this potentially 12 month process the family will continue to give updates through this page and appreciate any blessings they are given. They ask you to keep them in your prayers as they go through these trying times.

Special Notes

Please send a private message to the family if interested in bringing a meal over.