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Supporting the Grangers

Columbia, SC


Kelsey was diagnosed with a connective tissue disease-Ehlers Danlos syndrome-in 2018. She has had 15 previous surgeries but just found out that on May 14th, 2021 she will undergo an intense duo spinal surgery. The procedure is called occipito-cervical fusion (OC-C3) and tethered cord release. The doctor is basically using plates, rods, and screws to “weld” her skull to her cervical spine and also will perform surgery on her lower back to release the spinal cord from where it has attached. These surgeries have only been performed at the same time on a handful of people before so the length of recovery is unknown but the doctor advised them to at least plan for her to be bed bound for a month. She will be in the hospital in Charleston for at least a week and then will stay in Charleston for an additional week or two to meet with the EDS physical therapist.  Kelsey is a stay at home mom and the kids are used to her being around constantly so this will obviously be hard to navigate and stressful on their family. Prayers and support are extremely needed at this time! Thank you for being willing to help! 

Special Notes

If you’d like to help take the financial strain off of the Grangers during this time, donations would be extremely appreciated. You can click the link to donate via PayPal or you can send Venmo directly to kelseymgranger  Any money donated will go directly to the following -childcare -housing needs for Charleston stay -physical therapy (not covered by insurance) -cleaning/laundry while Kelsey is down  -any other out of network medical costs not covered  by insurance 

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