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Love for Jared and Alicia while they care for Kayla


As you probably know, Kayla was in a very serious car accident on March 8. Kayla is still in the hospital and is in critical condition. She has had several surgeries, and faces many more as she heals. Jared and Alicia have been by her side every day, and are Kayla’s strongest and most vigilant advocates through her recovery. This page is set up to help support Jared and Alicia as they are in and out of the hospital caring for Kayla, and as a way to also help take care of them during this difficult time.

Special Notes

Right now, the family’s most pressing need is food. At this time, it is easiest for Jared and Alicia to pick up food on their way home from the hospital because schedules are so unpredictable, and so they can be completely available for Kayla and the medical staff caring for her. Please consider sending them a gift card to Red Robin, Cactus Grill, Buford’s, Slim Chickens, or Panda Express. If you would like to bring a meal, please note: Alicia avoids beef, pork, dairy and certain grains (like wheat)

Care Calendar