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Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Boston, MA


Boston Health Care for the Homeless works to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for all homeless individuals and families in the greater Boston area. ----- Vulnerable patients are kept alive and get help managing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Dedicated clinical and non-clinical staff share their passion for a vibrant mission and support each other in bringing the mission alive. Generous donors find a fulfilling way to respond to the feelings of helplessness that come with concern for those on the street. Shelter partners benefit from BHCHP's medical expertise while focusing on their core mission, avoiding wasteful duplication of services. Boston's many hospitals can depend on BHCHP as an alternative to the emergency room as well as a safe discharge location for medically vulnerable patients. ----- BHCHP's targeted, compassionate management of limited resources yields everyday successes that are a living tribute to the ideals of a just society.

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