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Food Assistance for Nurses

St. Johnsbury, VT


Nurses assisting Covid infected inmates and DOC staff are currently quarantined at the Comfort in St. Johnsbury. Due to not being allowed to leave the correctional facility/hotel they are very limited in their meal options, let's provide them with some home cooked meals! - There are 15 nurses as well as DOC staff in need of support, a total of around 40 people, although everyone is currently eating at different times of they day and they will take what they can get! Many already have food that they have purchased so meals provided do not need to feed 40 people - They will be there until at least May 15th (this will be extended if needed) - They have mini fridges, microwaves, dish wear and cutlery - There are no known allergies, but it’s important to provide them with a mix of everything - They are mostly in need of hearty lunch/dinner foods once every day or two (sounds like at least once a day would be helpful) - These meals are by donation Deliveries: The address for delivery is the Comfort Inn 703 US-5 South, St Johnsbury, VT 05819 The front is closed and they are currently using the back entrance All food is to be delivered and left on the table between the the hour windows of 11am-12pm and 4pm-5pm daily Food can be brought in disposable containers or Tupperware, whatever you are comfortable with (if you leave Tupperware, put your name on it and after it is used it will be clean and left outside for pick-up)

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