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Taking Care of Cathy

Columbus, GA


Friends, Cathy is having hip replacement surgery soon and could use our help and support during her recovery. As we all know, surgery and recovery can be physically and emotionally draining. Providing meals is one of the best ways we can help Cathy focus on healing and regaining her strength. That's why I'm organizing a Meal Train for Cathy starting January 19th. Together we can easily coordinate meal deliveries and make sure she can just relax once home from the hospital. You can sign up to cook Cathy a meal on a day that works for you. Meal Train makes it simple to choose a date and see what others have signed up to bring. Let's make sure Cathy has meals covered for at least the first two weeks post-surgery. Cathy has always been there for us in difficult times. Now it's our turn to be there for her when she needs us most. I hope you'll consider making or ordering a meal she can enjoy during recovery. Wishing Cathy a successful surgery and smooth healing! Let's show Cathy some love,

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