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Meals for McKinley (and mom and dad)

Cleveland, OH


On Tuesday, April 18, Brian went into work for an event, somehow had a seizure and was unconscious for five minutes. He hit his chin and fell directly on his right shoulder which ended up being dislocated and fractured severely in the rotator cuff. After many attempts of trying to put it back in place, he was admitted and scheduled for surgery in the morning. During pre-op there were some irregularities with his blood pressure and heart and they decided to go along with the surgery. He aspirated and was intubated and now sedated. We have no prognosis yet on when he will be able to breathe on his own, the cause of the issues, or the root of the seizure. As most of you know, we have the cutest 11 month old at home that is on the move and a total handful. I will be working still and need help with at home once he finally comes home and has to recover from surgery. With him being immobile, cooking will be a lot harder and I want to make sure McKinley and Brian are taken care of for meals while I'm at work ! I am disgusted that I even made this as I hate asking for help because I'm used to figuring out everything on my own but I know even this is beyond anything I can do on my own and I really need the help and support. THANK YOU ❤️

Special Notes

Any meals that can be easy to be cut up for McKinley are great. But anything healthy for Brian works. Just nothing spicy, we are all wimps over here !

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