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Angels for Annie

Auburn, NY


I started this page because my sister had my niece at auburn and some medical things have been going on with my niece Annie which has caused my sister to not be at home with Kevin and Aubrey. She has been at the hospital with the baby and at home and I would like for her to not stress out for two weeks over food! I’m doing this to help my sister Jennifer out so she doesn’t have to stress about food for a week or two! So please sign up to help out! Either bringing them a dinner you made at home or bringing them something from the store or simply having something delivered and including the tip taken care of yourself please! I don’t want this to be a burden and I want us to take care of everything including the tip! Thank you to everyone who is helping out!

Special Notes

Please don’t ask my sister a ton of questions for helping out. If she wants anyone to know she will share that! So please don’t message her saying oh I’m sorry or burdening her with anything! She has enough to worry about right now. Thank you for helping!

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