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Supporting the Sonrodes

Monterey, CA


Hello friends and family of the Sonrodes! I started this page so that we can all help them get through the two weeks following Angie’s surgery. Dinner, groceries, food delivery, Starbucks, walking Mako…any form of love and support you can give will be greatly appreciated! Angie recently explained her surgery and reason for it on her Mid Drift account: "After many years of deliberation and talking to many professionals I have made the decision to have my umbilical hernia and diastasis recti surgically repaired. This is an enormous step for me. My hernia developed after my second pregnancy and the third and fourth only worsened it. It is painful and coupled with my diastasis keeps me from being able to fully engage my core. This is obviously problematic. And yet, it took me almost a decade to convince myself that it was ok to fix it. I have spent so many years learning to love my body and specifically my belly that I have attached so many ideas around what it means to have ANYTHING surgically done to my body. Even things that are detrimental to my health and well-being. Don’t get me wrong, I and everyone here at Mid Drift am 1000% for body autonomy and being able to do whatever you want with yours. However, after being a part of the body positive movement and space it has taken me awhile to reckon why I was hesitating. I don’t know that there is any one particular reason. As much as we celebrate acceptance of our postpartum bodies we also need to celebrate when we take steps to fix things that need fixing. Fear is up there as I have never had anything other than a wisdom teeth removal but as a birth and postpartum doula I have helped many people recover from various surgeries and procedures. I have fears about my recovery and what that may entail. I also feel a bit like I’m the stereotypical caregiver who isn’t used to needing care. So here I am taking a deep breath and readying for surgery this Friday am. Now accepting any and all well wishes and positive thoughts."

Special Notes

Please make sure all meals and snacks are vegetarian. Thank you!

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