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Meal Train for the Grimes Family!!

Yadkinville, NC


We all know and love this family! And we know that they’re always the ones willing to lend a helping hand!! Now it’s our turn to help them!! As you may or may not know, Brittney will be having a significant hip surgery February 21st, and I am creating this meal train to help them out the first week or so at home with dinner! Justin will be playing husband, dad, nurse, taxi driver etc., so this is just a small token of love to show the family of 5, we are here to help!! They welcome home cooked meals as well as any gift cards or door dash which has been added to the page as an option to send them as well!

Special Notes

With all the hustle and bustle that will be happening, Brittney respectfully ask for limited visitors due to the fact she will be bed bound for a bit! She prefers text messages over phone calls please! And the same goes for Justin, and they will both get back to you as soon as they can!

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