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Meal Train for Liz

Onalaska, WI


Hello! I am having knee surgery on April 13th.  Looking for help with meals until I’m back on my feet.  January I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. I’ve had severe pain for a long time. Nothing was helping my left knee so I got a cortisone shot on a Thursday early March. The pain subsided but on the Monday after I came out of the house stepped down and my left knee gave out I heard a snap and crunching. Got in to see my doctor. Had X-rays and MRI. I had torn the medial meniscus. They aren’t sure if they will be repairing the meniscus or just snipping the tear. I will be non weight bearing for at least 6 weeks.

Special Notes

Family allergies/dislikes:  peas, mushrooms, seafood, spicy

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