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Adopt a Situation: Lois & Jim Dillion

Longmont, CO


Lois & Jim live in Longmont and have been married for 55 years! They are apart of the small 150 people who started Rocky. Both Jim & Lois spent their careers in the education system. Jim was a school psychologist for the SVVD and Lois was a teacher, most recently at Longmont Christian School where she spent the last 17 years. They have three adult children who all live in different areas pursuing their careers and raising families. We are blessed to be in a position where WE get to care for and help them. Jim has been diagnosed with dementia (a progressive disease). Lois is working very hard to keep Jim at home as long as possible by working with doctors and those in her circle to provide care for Jim when she is away from home. Lois is very grateful that our group has joyfully offered to Adopt the Situation by checking in on her and Jim. She feels blessed but finds asking for help difficult. As we serve Lois & Jim, I imagine we will be able to identity areas where we can serve and those can be added on the calendar as they are revealed. This is the first time we put into action "Adopt a Situation" and I am honored to be in a group that feels called to jump into this opportunity.

Special Notes

Jim is Diabetic. They welcome planned visits at their home Lois' cell phone (303) 319-0155 Dementia looks different in everyone and the stage they are in can change quickly. Be prepared to adapt if there are changes in Jim while we serve over the next 10 weeks.

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