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Helping Heather Recover From Surgery

Austin, TX


Hi everyone- Recently, I found out that I have masses on my ovaries. My doctors say that it's probably not cancerous, but they can't rule it out completely. Since I have a strong family history of ovarian cancer (as well as other types), they are recommending a total hysterectomy. The surgery is scheduled for September 3rd, but there is a good chance it will be postponed because of the surge in COVID cases. The hospital where I'm receiving treatment is currently using some of their operating rooms as COVID overflow. I will have to leave work for a minimum of two weeks, and will need to limit my activities during recovery. Since I am the main cook in our household due to Holly's disability, this will be challenging. I'll need help. I truly appreciate any support, assistance, and any positive thoughts or prayers you send my way. Thank you so much!

Special Notes

Keep in mind that the dates for my surgery have a good chance of changing. Even though Holly and I are vaccinated, we are still being cautious we are both high risk. Surgery recovery will increase my risk, so I need to limit in-person contact.

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