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Jessica Lundgren

Rockford, MN


Jessica is having many back issues and has been in and out of the hospital for quite a while. She had major back surgery on January 29th. The surgery was extensive with needing 8 different areas to be corrected. She will also have a substantial amount of physical therapy following the surgery. After being home from the hospital for only 4 days, her stitches ripped open causing major infection requiring additional surgeries to remove the infection. She is now home once again. She has been instructed to eat foods high in probiotics. Let's bless her with some snacks and foods with probiotics that her body needs right now. Let's also continue prayers for healing ... Heavenly Father, giver of life and health be near Jessica during her times of weakness and pain, give your power of healing, strength, and courage to help her move forward on the path you have laid out for her. In your mighty name we pray, Amen.

Special Notes

Address and Contact... Jessica Lundgren 158 Highview Rd Rockford, MN 55373 651-247-3347 [email protected] Foods with higher probiotics... Sauerkraut Yogurt (Activia) & Frozen Yogurt Olives Kombucha Apple Cider Vinegar Pickles Kefir (drink in the dairy section) Fermented Cheeses Sourdough bread Green Peas Buttermilk Pickled Vegetables Apples Cottage cheese Bananas Oats Asparagus Garlic Soybeans

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