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Assistance for Angelina


At the beginning of August, Angelina and her family were on their way to Oregon for their annual trip to Camp Attitude, a special needs camp for their autistic son, Stevie. On her way to camp, Angelina slipped and suffered a tibial fracture. Over the course of the last 2 weeks, the bone has shifted, becoming a displaced fracture, requiring surgery. Angelina is scheduled to have a plate and screws put in her ankle this Wednesday, the 18th. Assistance for Angelina has been set up to support the Petros family while Ang recovers from surgery. She will be relying on crutches/wheelchair for several weeks as she heals. With Peter working full time and Angelina being non-weight-bearing on her left leg for several weeks, providing their family with meals will be an invaluable act of service for them during this time. As the woman who never stops, we need to rally around her while she's involuntarily out of commission! Due to COVID and the increased risk of post-op complications, gift cards are being requested rather than traditional meal drop-offs. "Assistance" comes in many different forms, and the Petros family is humbled and grateful for the love and support of their tribe.

Special Notes

Feel free to select a specific date on the calendar, or you can click on "WISH LIST" and choose a VISA gift card so they can order takeout from a local restaurant that isn't affiliated with DoorDash (in that case, please list [email protected] as the recipient). We will strive to support their family from Aug 18-Sept 18.

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