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Austin's Appy Support

Englewood, CO


Hey everyone! We started this page because people have been so kind and offering to bring us food. I think Austin should be recovered and independent in a week or so, so we are only putting a week's worth of dinner on here! This is a blessing to us because I am trying to work remote all day and be the best nurse possible so as much as I (Lydia) can take my chef hat off is a blessing. Thank you so much. The story is basically that Austin's appendix ruptured on Sunday (7/25) and he had surgery to remove it a couple days later. We spent 3 nights in the hospital total after some confusing symptoms stalled doctors from removing it immediately. He is home from the hospital now & recovering!

Special Notes

No allergies. Home cooked is obviously the best but some of our local favorites are the Feedery, Zomo, Aung's, & Chop Shop. Scroll down to the correct date to see the button to sign up (and press the button for August to move to those dates)

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