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Support for Shivonne

Buford, GA


This page is to help Shivonne's nearest and dearest rally around her to show her how loved she is! Right now we want to offer our support by making sure Shivonne and Sam stay fed via dropped off homemade meals and delivery service gift cards (so they can order from their local favorites) as Sam provides round the clock care for Shivonne who is beginning her recovery. We also would like to help both Shivonne and Sam stay sane by sending any ideas or gifts for entertainment to be sent their way. Please check back often for updates and thank you for your support! Team Shivonne

Special Notes

Shivonne's dietary preferences: Vegetarian Healthy-ish food, nothing fried Salad, grilled vegetables like fajitas Salmon, dairy, eggs Beans, rice No quinoa or oatmeal! Food delivery services: Door Dash and Uber Eats

Care Calendar