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Supporting our Blockhead Sister Theresa Crockett

La Habra, CA


As Blockheads know, one of our own, Theresa Crockett, will finally receive a new kidney on August 31st, all thanks to the humble generosity of a fellow Blockhead, Christina Meyer of Wisconsin, and the tremendous support of Donnie, Danny, Jon, Jordan and Joe! Who knew that her courage to announce her condition, Polycystic Kidney Disease, at a Mixtape Tour concert would change her life? It is proof enough that our community is truly made up of 5 brothers and a million sisters. I first learned of Theresa's journey during the 2022 NKOTB Cruise when I saw her sign on the Lido Deck. During Joey Mac's solo shows in Los Angeles, I had the privilege of meeting her and her doting husband. Theresa is one of the most humble and warm people you may ever meet. As her family prepares for this lifechanging moment, I wanted them to continue to feel the love and support of our Blockhead community. This page was created for that reason; here, through the kindness of generous friends, family, Blockheads, and maybe a few strangers, we can help Theresa and family have one less thing to worry about - groceries and food preparation. In turn, they can focus on their wellbeing, and hers, as she recovers in the months to come. Please note that we extended the offer to support Christina and her dear husband as well in her recovery. While she was wonderfully appreciative of the offer, she declined. Theresa would like you all to know that, though she is an OG fan from the late 1980s, she only recently joined the NKOTB fan community. In fact, it was when she first held up her pink heart poster at the 2022 Mixed Tape Tour that she started meeting fellow diehard Blockheads for the first time. NKOTB and Christina are giving her a second chance at a fulfilling life and the friendship she has made along the way have been instrumental in sustaining her courage and focus as she was seeking a donor. Every act and word of kindness extended to her is so appreciated and she thanks all of you who have supported her, and continue to, in her journey. We wish Theresa and her family all the best and pray that her sister also finds a donor.

Special Notes

For those local in Orange County, in addition to the restaurants listed on the Wish List, Theresa and her family also enjoy The Habit Burger, Pepe's, El Torito, Jersey Mike's, and Round Table Pizza. If you would like to help keep Theresa's refrigerator stocked, her family also uses Amazon Fresh for groceries.