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Caring for Lorenzo



Hello Family and Friends, Thank you all for your prayers, love and support for Lorenzo. Most of you know he has been residing with his parents for over a month. They have been caring for all his needs since the end of May when he was put on a leave of absence from his job. After much prayer and advisement from his doctor, Lorenzo is no longer employed, nor is he receiving any type of financial income or assistance. He is not receiving any help from his wife. Many of you continue to ask how you can help, this is why I have created this page. Lorenzo isn't able to care for himself physically or financially. His parents give every minute of the day to all his necessities which involve full time supervision and providing meals. To add Pete will be having surgery on July 27th, so he will not be able to help with Lorenzo for some time. These are the areas where help would be appreciated. #1 Sit/visit with Lorenzo so his parents can go to church together, run errands, go out to eat #2 Provide meals, or even send gift cards for food places. #3 Any monetary donations are also welcomed (which would help with doctor's visits and medication etc.) Thank you all again for all your love, support and prayers!!! Let me know when and how you would like to help and I will add it to the calendar. Please note this is for Lorenzo, but family meals are welcomed! Thank you all again.

Special Notes

A few things about Lorenzo.... He loves food! burgers (Wendy's Baconator is his fav), ice cream, fruit, Chinese food (he is a lover of all food these are just a few favs) He loves to watch the Mavs and Dallas cowboys play (and talk about sports as well) He loves to watch movies. He is always in good spirits and is always smiling.

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