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Supporting Engracia While We #MakeUnitedPay

Van Nuys, CA


***Logistical Note: Please scroll through the Care Calendar (at the bottom of this screen) to select a date to provide a meal or grocery support for Engracia.*** On her flight home from Washington DC to Los Angeles, United Airlines destroyed disability rights activist Engracia Figueroa's custom-made $30,000 wheelchair. Engracia and the home care worker who was supporting her on her trip, Christine, were stranded for hours at the airport and treated disrespectfully by United. Now Engracia is stuck at home, without the wheelchair that gave her independence, and recovering from injuries sustained due the inadequate chairs provided via United. While she fights to hold United accountable and waiting for her wheelchair to be replaced, it has been challenging to get the food and groceries she needs to recover from the injuries and heal the wounds that resulted from this experience. It's too physically painful to cook or move around in the kitchen more than once a day, and Engracia isn't able to leave her house while she waits for her chair. Your support--one meal or giftcard--will support Engracia as she recovers and continues to be a leader in disability justice, workers rights, racial justice, and gender justice.

Special Notes

Engracia is vegan! (Plant-based, so no meat, dairy, honey, or eggs please.) Please keep this in mind as you offer support. We'll update this page with some of her favorite vegan restaurants if you need some inspiration.

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