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Solheim Senior Community Meals for Staff

Los Angeles, CA


This meal train is to show our support for the commitment of Solheim's staff to keeping our residents healthy and safe. Staff members work tirelessly, let's give back and help fuel them with meals at this critical time. This is also a chance to support our local restaurants and delivery drivers. STAY HOME AND HEALTHY, therefore please, no home cooked items. Please sign up by 'claiming' a lunch, dinner or coffee/snack/breakfast for 20 people, and state the particulars of the delivery! Meals must be individually wrapped or packaged and delivered to the front desk at Solheim, or the Skilled Nursing entrance for the night meal/snack. Please make sure the area you've signed up for is noted on the delivery, and note the time window of delivery for each area. For questions, to make a monetary donation, or for help with your meal choice or execution, contact Tina Antypas: [email protected] or 323 257 7518 x225. Visit our giving page at

Special Notes

We have a strict 'no visitor' policy at this time, so all deliveries will be dropped off at the front desk (skilled nursing entrance for the night shift deliveries). You may choose more than one area if you'd like to donate more than 20 meals. We're happy to help you with local restaurants or delivery choices. We're also happy to take monetary donations as Solheim's dining department will strive to fill in the gaps with one meal per shift. If you would prefer to donate towards a meal please email Tina Antypas at [email protected] and we will coordinate with a group of other interested parties to create a delivery order and collect money. You can also donate a GrubHub card and have it sent to Tina Antypas at Solheim Senior Community 2236 Merton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90041

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