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We Love David Salinas

Temple, TX


Chances are you’ve seen David post on a Chive group on a Saturday. Cats. Every Saturday he was on the “Caturday” just to remind us to remember our troops.  Well recently, David isn’t doing as good. He has been losing sight and is now to the point where he can barely reply to messages and text.  On April 27th, he has surgery to help correct this in his right eye. So through the rest of April, we wanna help him.  Cooking has become extremely difficult. That’s where YOU come in.  We want to have a food train set up to come bring him meals or other for meals to be brought or other “we love you” items!  So if you feel led to  support him with gift cards, meals or anything else, please do! He deserves so much! Heart is strong and true even when the body is lacking. Check out the calendar to support! Check out his calendar to help set up food for him! 

Special Notes

No none food allergies. 

Care Calendar