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Supporting the Holmes!


Tony had a terrible motorcycle accident and had emergency surgery on his leg on Memorial Day. He will be bedridden for 2 weeks. This family could use help with meals, grocery delivery, possibly help with transportation to doctor appointments and errands. That was May 31st! Fast forward to now, Oct 8th, and another surgery is behind us. Tony has been strong through this and was working hard to recover when an infection caused a major issue and back to surgery he went. The surgery went well now we have another 6-12 weeks of recovery. Katie has been holding down the fort along with caring for a baby who has more energy than most. Thank goodness for family, the neighborhood (you all are amazing), and all of their good friends. It has been amazing. Thank you for the gift cards some sent outside of this platform, they will come in handy at the end of a long week. Again, thank you so much. Chawn

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