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Manny Is Coming Home!

Round Rock, TX


After undergoing neck surgery on April 22, Manny is FINALLY making his way back home to Carrie and the kids. Let's shower them with love and support in the form of a lovely fresh meal each night. When signing up for a date please read the descriptions for the days before and after you that have already been selected. Let's try to not bring the same meal back to back.

Special Notes

Carrie has said they are open to any and all meals that can be provided. No food allergies or aversions. Home cooked and restaurant meals are welcome. For those out of town and unable to do a porch drop off DoorDash, UberEats and other food delivery services are fine as well. If you want you can also choose to include extra items, not just dinners: easy breakfast foods, snacks and drinks for through out the day.

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