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Adopt-A-Cop Project Hampden/Wilbraham

Wilbraham, MA


The Adopt-A-Cop Project Hampden/Wilbraham is a grassroots outreach by the citizens of Hampden and Wilbraham extending our hearts, hands, love, and prayers in collective gratitude for our hometown heroes, our Hampden Wilbraham Law Enforcement Officers. The FOUR branches of this initiative are - Faith - rooted in daily prayer for our "adopted cops." Hope - rooted in offering encouragement to our "adopted cops" by way of letters, cards, small tokens of appreciation, and our "painted rock project". Love - #AdoptKindnessWednesday, rooted in performing random acts of kindness for others in (and outside of) our community every Wednesday on behalf of our "adopted cops". Service - (and the purpose of this page!) Takeout/delivery meal trains for entire shifts of adopted cops. We are asking for volunteers to sign up to send 1 (or more) takeout meal(s) to 1 (or more) shift(s) of (4 to 6) officers per shift. This page has been established to provide a sign-up sheet to send takeout/delivery meals for the following shifts: Shift 1 Hampden: Breakfast or Lunch Shift 1 Wilbraham: Breakfast or Lunch Shift 2 Hampden - Dinner Shift 2 Wilbraham - Dinner Shift 3 Hampden - Midnight Snack/Early Breakfast Shift 3 Wilbraham - Midnight Snack or Early Breakfast There are no dietary restrictions for any of the officers of the Hampden or Wilbraham Police Departments. However, in the interest of safety, we are asking that all meals be takeout only rather than homemade. Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this much-needed outreach. "Faith, Hope, Love, remain these three; but the greatest of these is Love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

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