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Ry's Top Surgery Recovery Support

Seattle, WA


Hello! Thank you for supporting me in my top surgery journey and recovery! I created this page for myself to welcome help from friends and community through gender-afirming surgery and to help with the recovery period. My surgery is scheduled on March 15th. I will have a friend with me 24/7 from 3/15-3/23. After that, I am looking for support as I continue to heal in the following weeks. If you feel inclined and able to contribute, I have a calendar below to help with general tasks, as well as other things that are more than welcome. No contribution is too big or too small! - Sign up for meal train in the care calendar below - Sign up for pet care in the care calendar below - Contribute through the gift card options available on this page - Support with meals or transportation from long distance by sending a gift card or ordering delivery - share well-wishes and words of encouragement Community means so much to me and this is an exciting milestone to share with all of you! Thank you again for your care and support. <3

Special Notes

- Ry has no allergies or food restrictions. - Food in large batches or things that can be frozen would be so helpful! Soups or stews of any kind are very welcome. - Some of their favorite local resturants are: Spice Waala, Fremont Bowl, Kwanjai Thai, Lucky Pho, Karaage Setsuna - If you visit or swing by to drop off food, please text Ry (808-292-6186) or Madeline (612-558-8396) before arriving.

Care Calendar