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Love and Support for Maureen and Tony C-D

Burnsville, MN


Maureen and Tony were involved in a serious car accident and need our support. They are both expected to recover from their injuries, but they have a long road ahead. Their needs will likely evolve from acute care to long-term love and support. They are beloved by so many. Their family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. We have created this community space to share updates on their condition and coordinate the care they need.   The accident occurred on a beautiful spring day returning home from a picnic with friends. Traffic stopped on the highway due to a police altercation unfolding ahead of them. Another driver rear-ended them at high speed, causing a multi-car collision, and fled the scene. Their car was hit on multiple sides.  Maureen and Tony were taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Tony was released the same day. He is at home recovering from bruising and severe back pain. Maureen's injuries are more extensive. She was treated in the ICU for a brain contusion, fractured vertebrae in her neck, and 6 fractured ribs (Update: 12 fractured ribs). She remained conscious. However, she is experiencing debilitating neck pain. She was fitted with a heavy-duty neck and back brace. And will soon be transferred to a short-term care facility for recuperation and rehabilitation. After returning home, she will be in the brace for another 8-12 weeks. Her mobility will be greatly limited during that time.  Fortunately, their youngest daughter, Julia, is currently living with them. She will be able to monitor their progress and provide daily assistance. However, she is also in school and has other obligations so she needs our help.  Right now we want to make sure they are all well fed. Details for a no-contact meal train are provided in the 'Special Notes' below. They will also need help getting to doctor appointments and running errands. Their only car was destroyed in the crash. And Julia does not drive. Ride requests will be posted on the calendar as needed. If you are unable to provide a ride yourself, they would also appreciate a gift certificate to Lyft or Uber.   Eventually, Maureen would love to welcome visitors. She has been counting down the days to host tea in her new sunroom or enjoy a game of cribbage with friends. We hope to include weekly visitor hours on the calendar as soon as she's ready.  Thank you all for your love and support!  

Special Notes

COVID: Maureen and Julia are fully vaccinated. Tony's vaccination schedule will be complete at the end of April. To protect them from all illness during this vulnerable time, we must limit personal contact. Please follow CDC guidelines for mask-wearing and social distancing. Only vaccinated visitors please. Whenever possible, they will visit outdoors.  MEAL DELIVERY: If you would like to provide a no-contact meal, please sign-up for a date on the calendar. You can leave the meal in the cooler by the front door. (Note: the front door is actually on the side of the house). Text Julia at 612-867-9286 to let her know it was delivered. They prefer an early supper. MEAL PREFERENCES: Tony is on a low-salt diet and is not a fan of beans. He enjoys a wide variety of cuisines including seafood and spice. Maureen does not love seafood or spice! Due to her neck injury and brace, softer foods will probably be easier for her to manage at first. She loves a good fruit smoothie. We will update this space as her needs change. They both enjoy casseroles, soups (esp. chicken/wild rice and beef/barley), salads, and breads. Also grilled meats and veggies. And, of course, pasta! COMMUNICATION: Maureen and Tony both have access to their cell phones and email. Please feel free to reach out to them directly with your well-wishes. They are both trying to catch up on rest and may not respond immediately, but it does lift their spirits to hear from you. We also encourage you to leave messages here so they can access them all in one place. You may send cards, gifts, flowers, etc. to their home in Burnsville. They would equally appreciate houseplants to add to their collection. Address below.  Maureen and Tony Curran-Dorsano 431 Meadowood Ln Burnsville, MN 55337    (Through 4/30): Maureen Curran-Dorsano Lyngblomsten Care Center 1415 Almond Avenue St. Paul, MN 55108 

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