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Helping Kristy Recover

Coldwater, MS


Kristy unexpectedly had to have a life saving surgery this week. She is now home and recovering thankfully! She’s a champ! I’ve created this page for all of us friends and family to help their family during her recovery. We can all volunteer to send/bring meals, purchase gift cards (these will be e-gift cards that will be sent directly to Kristy’s email. I have also added my PayPal information if anyone would like to help financially and I’ll get the cash to them (Send as friends and family to avoid fees). If anyone would like to set up a go fund me I can attach that on this site as well. I’ve never set one up but from what I understand go fund me takes a portion of what is raised. Also, feel free to purchase any Visa/MC gift card and deliver with your meals you bring! Let’s show the Watkin’s family how much we love them during this recovery process!

Special Notes

I’ve added a few gift card options under the wish list. Not too much to choose from in the country! We know Amazon has anything just about you can think of and they will deliver. I added Walmart and CVS (Walgreens wasn’t an option for anything medical supply wise) and InstaCart for other grocery items (she could coordinate with Kelli maybe to have them delivered to her house and Kelli could take to her? To bring dinner to the family scroll to the calendar and pick a day! 😊 Thank you so much in advance for helping out! We all love this family so much and if we can all pitch in and help along the way of her recovery it will make things that much easier for them. ❤️

Care Calendar