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Support for Ukrainian Newcomers

Marietta, GA


The Demidovich family is beginning a new life in America thanks to the generous support and stewardship of ECA. Many may not realize that this is the second time the family has lost everything. In the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, their hometown was the first place attacked. They had to flee their home suddenly and leave everything behind. Although their house survived and they were eventually able to return, everything had been looted. After painstakingly replacing everything, now they have lost it again. All Volodymyr's construction tools and materials, all Irina's tools and materials for her wedding decor business, and almost all their clothing, personal items, and cherished keepsakes had to be abandoned. They are arriving in America with just a few suitcases of belongings, mostly donated by their German hosts. Let's help them get a new start and have a lovely holiday season!

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