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Sally's Hip

Minneapolis, MN


Monday, February 12 will be the day! I have all the equipment I need, thanks to Judith Howard, Laurie Van Wieren, Chris Holman, and Fiona Anderson. Judith Brin Ingber and Nancy Hope are covering the first 24 hours. Lots of you have said you'll bring food and I should have a meal train sign-up. This is that, although I am not worried about food so much for me as the kitty getting hers (and someone to bend over and scoop her litter box- -I know, yuck, sorry, thank you). If you feel like bringing food, I am gluten and dairy sensitive/intolerant and no sugar, please. I have lots of coffee and oat milk on hand if you want to just come over the first week for that. I love soup, celery, fruit; I eat fish and chicken; apparently I will have to be careful about constipation. Isn't this fun? If it snows, I have a neighbor who will shovel. HIs name is either Mark or Jeff so if anyone runs into him PLEASE find out which it is. It's been four years and I am too embarrassed to ask again. So much fun. I'm going to leave a front door key inside a fake rock. I will add more info as needed or advised by you. Thanks so much for being my friend and helping me kick and jump again! Still South of Sixty Sally (until 3/28/24!)

Special Notes

No Wheat, Dairy, Sugar, Corn Front door key inside fake rock The rock is under the big green sparkly ball, left of front door

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