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ECC Christmas Giving Project

Eaton, OH


ECC CHRISTMAS GIVING PROJECT Because God gave His Son to meet our need, we join Him in giving to others in need. Each year, many children face a Christmas without gifts because their parents simply cannot afford to purchase them. As a way of expressing God's love to those in need, the Missions-Outreach Team and our children’s ministry are co-sponsoring the adopting some families to help provide gifts for their children. Let's celebrate the gift of His Son as we enter into the joy of giving to others! What to Do: 1. Choose one or more children or a family from the list and pray for them and their needs often in these weeks leading up to the time of giving. Our ministry of prayer can be just as important as our ministry of giving! If you like, you may purchase gifts for more than one child. 2. Turn gifts in as early as possible, but NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16. (NOTE: Due to the many toy recalls, we can accept only new toys.) 3. Consider writing (or help your child write) a brief note to one of the families or to a child in a family. Be sure to take note of any family information provided, and encourage them that God loves them. (Put gender, age, and Family # on note.) 4. Please do NOT wrap gifts – we like to give that experience to the parents themselves. MARK GIFTS with THE CHILD'S AGE, IF THE CHILD IS A BOY OR GIRL, & FAMILY NUMBER. 5. If you have children, guide them in purchasing a gift for the child you choose. As a parent, take time to talk with your child about how families can go through hard times financially and how we have the chance to love them as Jesus did through giving. Use this to teach your child compassion. One way to do this is to help your child pick a child close to their age. WHERE AND WHEN TO BRING GIFTS TO CHURCH: If the church is OPEN, gifts can be placed in the boxes at the Kiosk in the Gathering. If the church is meeting ONLINE ONLY, special dates will be designated as drop off dates. 5. If the same families are chosen by multiple people, we will make sure that the gifts are evenly distributed so that every child receives a similar number of gifts. We often use the cash donations given to supplement the gifts of children who don’t receive as much as others. F.A.Q.’s 1 WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS? The parents of the children are often overlooked in giving gifts to children. If anyone is interested in designating a gift for a parent, please write the parent to whom you wish to give, using the Family number. Please designate if you want it used for food, for financial needs, or for a personal gift. 2 WANT GIFT IDEAS?: We have asked the families to share with us some of the interests or hobbies of their child, but did not promise any specific items. (Note: We are not accepting any used clothing as donations; please donate such items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.) 3 WOULD MONEY HELP? If anyone would like to give a cash gift to these families or any family, simply write a check to the church or place the money in an envelope and write the family # on it. The families are not given actual cash, but gift cards for Toy stores or food stores.

Special Notes

Tips for using website: 1. An account will have to be created if you do not log into site via FB or other social media platforms (recommendation is to create an account). 2. Click on the month of December on the calendar. The wish lists begin on Dec. 16th- Dec. 25th. Click on “Other” to see the story of each family or to see the wish for each individual. There are multiple line items on the calendar date for an individual since it is broken out by each gift. To claim an individual within a family, click on the “I’ll help” and a pop up box will display with the item. You do not need to fill out the description or personal note since the recipient will not see this information. Click on the “Claim item” on the bottom of the box. 3. Each family has a calendar date assigned: a. Dec. 16th- Family #1 b. Dec. 17th- Family #2 c. Dec. 18th- Family #3 d. Dec. 19th- Family #4 e. Dec. 20th- Family #5 f. Dec. 21st- Family #6 g. Dec. 22nd- Family #7 h. Dec. 23rd- Family #8 i. Dec. 24th- Family #9 j. Dec. 25th- Family #10 4. Sponsor (donor) will receive a confirmation email. 5. You can un-claim an item if you change your mind.

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