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Meal Train for Tiff and Jae! Operation Evict Gallbladder was a success!!

Independence, OR


As many of you know, on July 31st. Tiff went to yhe hospital in unbearable amounts of pain. They finally figured out it was her Gallbladder and she had large amounts of stones. So it must come out! She had that surgery and things still weren't looking right. Dr's did another MRI and found that one of the stones went Rouge and was lodge in a duct between the liver and pancreas, this would cause major complications in life if not removed. So in for a second surgery in as many days. We all know Tiff is seriously one tough and strong girl. So let's help her take it easy and rest at this time. Jae has been going none stop going back and forth between the hospital and home to take care of thier fur kids, and one they are kid setting for. Jae you are a bad ass. The love these two share is amazing, not just with themselves but everyone they meet. Let's give some of that love back now.

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