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Vita Needs Our Help

Portland, OR


As those included in this private e-mail thread know, Angie and Harry's daughter Vita has been struggling with bipolar depression for the last four years. If you are receiving this email and this link, you have been designated by Angie and Harry as people in a position to help. The link is set to private because Angie and Harry respect their daughter and want to be mindful of her cyber footprint - and the right to tell her own story. They have never been prouder of her ability to advocate for her mental health. Vita has been hospitalized because her medication needs to be adjusted - and she must be safe. This is not unusual for an adolescent with this diagnosis - as adolescence sets in the way mediations are metabolized change. This is not a reason to panic - but they do need help managing their other kids - Lola (8) and Miles (12). Thank you for your help - and please feel free to ask questions!

Special Notes

Messages sent via Angie will be delivered to Vita. (She does not have access to her phone while in treatment.) She'd love to know she is loved - but do bear in mind her mom is reading them to relay. (Wth love.)

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