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Mountain Access Brigade, supporting Tennesseeans traveling for abortion care


Mountain Access Brigade provides support for reproductive health access and abortion care, including abortion doula services and financial assistance. Our volunteers serve East Tennessee and the surrounding region to empower autonomy and increase access to reproductive healthcare. Abortion became fully banned in Tennessee in August, forcing Tennesseeans to travel out of state to reach abortion clinics. We have developed relationships with over 40 out of state clinics where we can help Tennesseeans pay for their abortion procedures, but they often need extra support paying for travel, lodging and meals. With our Give In Kind page, you can help support people traveling for abortion care with gift cards to pay for gas, plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals, childcare and more.

Special Notes

Gas cards are the most requested item, then hotels. Visa gift cards allow the most flexibility - can be spent at any gas station, store, etc. along the way.