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Support for The Tarkenton Family

Martinez, GA


Friday, November 12th: The Tarkenton family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and kindness from everyone. Thank you for all of your contributions to help them through this time, as of now we are suspending the calendar per their request and cannot thank you all enough! Tuesday, November 2nd: To all of the friends and loved ones of Craig Tarkenton - I share with a very heavy heart that Craig has passed peacefully this evening surrounded by his family. Words cannot describe the sadness that his family and everyone who has had the high pleasure of knowing him is feeling right now. Craig truly knew how to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone he knew, and he will be missed greatly. I will be updating this fundraiser shortly to help Craig's family continue on with arrangements for services. I thank you all so much for your incredible support, and ask that you please say a prayer for his family. Please reach out to Michael Militano or Katee if you have any questions. October 28, 2021 by Michael Militano, Organizer Hi again everyone - wanted to share some recent updates with all of you again to keep you informed of Craig’s status. Craig had a setback on Sunday 10/24 which required his medical team to start him on dialysis and increase the ventilator settings, including sedation and paralytics to help keep him in sync. It is taking all of the strength and faith of himself, his family, and the staff around the clock to continue making progress. Thankfully, he took a few steps in the right direction since Sunday and over the last few days and has begun to show improvement across many areas due in part to the dialysis treatment. Please continue to pray for him that he makes progress and continues to heal. Craig’s family and friends have been truly UNSTOPPABLE in their support and sacrifice, and we would like to deeply thank everyone from the bottoms of our hearts for your support on the GoFundMe as well as the GiveInKind meal and services donations so that they may continue to focus their time and energy being by his side through this journey. I know Becky and the kids have loved hearing the stories of how much Craig has impacted the people he meets, so feel free to share a message for them if you’d like send some positive energy! October 8, 2021 by Michael Militano, Organizer Hello everyone! I wanted to take this time to post a quick update on Craig's status. Last week he became stable enough to be transferred to another hospital in town, and since then he has continued to make small improvements. He is currently at 65% on the ventilator and Sats are around 95. IV sedatives are being turned off today and the staff will be monitoring him to see how he responds. They will be proning him again as well this evening at which point they will turn the sedatives back on. Thank you so much to everyone who has given their support to Craig and his family during this time. It is sure to be a long road ahead and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We've seen amazing contributions here in the GoFundMe as well as the meal donations and the Tarkenton family have expressed their sincere gratitude for each of you! 1T1F! Sept 28th: Please join us in supporting the beloved Tarkenton family. All monies raised will go directly towards supporting Craig and Becky. As many of you know Craig, is currently in the ICU battling a terrible case of pneumonia. Craig was admitted to the hospital over 3 weeks ago and has been under the top notch care of the doctors and nurses within. Being separated for the last 3 weeks has been heartbreaking and a significant challenge for him and his family who wish to be by his side. Becky and the kids have been so strong visiting via FaceTime, and calls while still working, and continuing to manage their home, and their own health. On Saturday, 9/26, Craig condition suddenly worsened and he was placed on a ventilator to assist him with his breathing due to a collapsed lung. With your donation, we will be able to help Becky and the family spend more time with Craig through his recovery in the form of meals, groceries, toiletries, home deliveries, laundry, and anything else that we can do to lend our support. Your time and effort is also greatly appreciated if you are local to the Augusta, GA area and can provide a hand wherever possible, where it may be helpful to run some errands, and pick up / deliver meals.

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The Tarkenton's go-to restaurants are: Dunkin Donuts Papa John’s Panera Jimmy Johns Panda Express Zoes Kitchen Red Robin Pizza Central Poblanos (Martinez, GA) Other recommendations for the area: Shane's Rib Shack Cracker Barrel Frog and Hen Publix Deli Costco Family Ready Meals Panera Bread Chicken salad chick Wife Saver

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