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About Howard's Helpers

Josh Howard was in a bad car wreck on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. He is going to make a full recovery, and his one-of-a-kind heart and personality are intact, but he is hurt: fractured neck and rib and lacerations to his head and foot. He will be wearing a halo over the next 2-3 months as his neck heals and he regains strength and mobility. It's difficult to comprehend how many people are offering support. We created this site so all of Howard's Helpers can assist in an organized way. His heart is full of gratitude, but it is we who are grateful that Josh is in our lives and on the mend. During Phase 1 of Josh's recovery (1-2 weeks), he will be at Our Lady of the Lake undergoing physical therapy. During this phase, there are specific ways you can help: 1. Send flowers and cards to Room #3267 at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (5000 Hennessy Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808). Address to Josh Howard. 2. Monetary Contributions: We quickly met our $2,500 Phase 1 fundraising goal, but we are accepting non-tax-deductible contributions via PayPal to help us get ahead of our Phase 2 target, which will be higher because it help cover medical expenses and resources for 2-3 months of in-home recovery. 3. Visitation: We've created a public Facebook group ("Howard's Helpers") to share daily updates on visitation hours and Josh's progress and for you to offer encouraging words. As we learn more about Josh's outlook and plans to transition home, we will update this site with new guidelines for support, such as opportunities to make in-kind contributions. His family is deeply appreciative of the hundreds of Howard's Helpers who are rallying behind this man we love so much!

Special Notes: 

Many people have generously offered to bring meals and supplies to the hospital. In these cases, it's best if you donate the monetary equivalent of what you were going to bring so that only Josh's family members are coming and going. The recommended amount per meal is $50. Thank you!